Come Play With My *****

I watch this Black woman's online content. I'm trying to be as vague as possible, because I'm not trying to make personal comments about someone's life. But she is an example of something that truly bothers me. She has various types of content, some of which is writing. She employs language very eloquently, and writes …

I’m Black and I’m a Rock Musician. WTF Do I Do?

I really am not sure. I know I should just keep making music, and I will, but to what end? To be an addendum; tacked on after I'm dead? I have never been the type to settle for less than what I deserve, but this is a beast that I honestly do not understand. White …

Words speak loud, but actions tell the truth.

I like that people are currently challenging White Supremacy and misogyny openly- that's what I want. That is why I started this band. But I hate the commodification of the trauma of people who are not White males fighting to be seen as Human Beings. It's not a trend. It's the lives of billions of people.

The Primitivity of Supposed Sophisticates

Don’t you feel foolish as you dance around that fire? That fire that calls you; that keeps you warm in thought, yet frozen in body I think you look much the fool, as I stare, longingly, from the inside Why does it always seem warmer wherever we are not?

Sharon Gul. Yumiko Aoyagi. Crest City. Jasmine ltd. FYI, they are racists.

This is the type of racist shit that I have to deal with as an African woman in the entertainment industry. For some backstory, I have recently decided to focus more on the writing end of tv and film, so have been looking for opportunities. I answered an ad looking for tv writers, so I submitted a résumé and cover letter.

Iféoluwa’s Zombie Tips

Zombies are almost exclusively a threat and a nuisance; the only exception being if and only when they are dancing. If surrounded by non-dancing zombies, flee. Solo, if possible. They are only strong in groups.

Advice To Young Ladies

by AD Hope A.U.C. 334: about this date, For a sexual misdemeanour which she denied, The vestal virgin Postumia was tried; Livy records it among affairs of state. They let her off: it seems she was perfectly pure; The charge arose because some thought her talk Too witty for a young girl, her eyes, her …

#WhitePeopleProblems Are #NotMyProblem ( #Charlottesville , et al. )

Black people do not need to die anymore. Black people do not need to march anymore. Black people do not need to leave our homes to take to the streets to scream, chant and be gassed and beaten into oblivion.

A Certain Type

So much of life spent running As though it were a bad thing? You recline in your wheelchair as you curse the walking You think I don’t see the curl at the corners of your lips? It’s quite perverse, to be honest Two peas in a pod I’m selfish because I walk alone And you’re …

Do not rip my music/videos. Do not steal my music/videos. Pay for my music.

I'm really infuriated. I know people have zero respect for African women and most people hate the fact that I am as talented and intelligent as I am, but if you like my songs but are shitty enough to not even pay 99 cents for it, you are truly evil. For the past 11 years …

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